Other preserved goods

Other preserved goods
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  1. Banana Blossom in Brine (Aroy-D) 565g
    Banana Blossom (AD) 565g
    € 3,50
  2. Pickled Green Chili (Fish Well) 260g
    Pickled Chili (FW) 270g
    € 2,60
  3. Water Chestnuts Whole in Water (Mount Elephant) 567g
    Water Chestnuts (ME) 567g
    € 2,90
  4. Straw Mushrooms Whole (Narcissus) 425g
    Straw Mushroom (NSS) 425g
    € 2,20
    Out of stock
  5. Red Bean Paste (Nam Fong) 500g
    Red Bean Paste (NF) 1kg
    € 7,25
  6. Po-Ku Mushroom Whole (Narcissus) 284g
    Po-Ku Mushrooms (NSS) 284g
    € 1,35
    Out of stock
  7. Sweetened Red Beans Ogura An (Shirakiku) 520g
    Ogura An (SK) 520g
    € 9,30
  8. Lotus Seed Paste (Nam Fong) 500g
    Lotus Paste (NF) 500g
    € 9,50
  9. Golden Mushrooms (Wu Chung) 425g
    Golden Mushrooms (WC) 425g
    € 2,65
  10. Ginger Nuts in Heavy Syrup (jar) (Mee Chun) 500g
    Ginger Nuts (MC) 500g
    € 6,05
  11. Faja Lobi Hot Surinam Peanut Butter (Silvo) 350g
    Faja Lobi (SV) 350g
    € 6,50
  12. Inariage Tofu Pouches 8x4cm 60pcs (Akaya) 900g
    Inariage (AKY) 900g
    € 13,25
  13. Water Chestnuts Sliceds (ME) 227g
    Water Chestnuts Sliceds (ME) 227g
    € 1,75
  14. Pickled Garlic Whole (Cock Brand) 454g
    Pickled Garlic (CB) 454g
    € 4,70
  15. Pickled Red Chili Whole (Cock Brand) 454g
    Pickled Chili (CB) 454g
    € 3,70
    Out of stock
  16. Preserved Radish (Golden Chef) 227g
    Pres. Radish (GC) 227g
    € 2,65
  17. Fermented Bean Curd with Chili Rice Paste (Hwa Nan) 369g
    Bean Curd Chili (HN) 369g
    € 4,70
    Out of stock
  18. Fermented Bean Curd with Sesame Oil (Sap Chuen) 130g
    Bean Curd Chili (SC) 130g
    € 2,90
    Out of stock
  19. Soy Bean Paste (Pantai) 500g
    Soy Bean Paste (PT) 500g
    € 4,25
    Out of stock
  20. Pi Xian Dou Ban Bean Paste (Juan Cheng) 454g
    Bean Paste PX (JC) 454g
    € 3,15
  21. Boiled Chickpeas in Salted Water (TRS) 400g
    Chick Peas (TRS) 400g
    € 1,50
  22. Bean Curd in Red Oil (Lao Gan Ma) 260g
    Tofu Red Oil (LGM) 260g
    € 3,65
  23. Basil from Fresh Leaves (Thai Delight) 200g
    Basil Paste (TD) 200g
    € 2,75
  24. Yang Jiang Preserved Beans with Ginger (Golden Lily) 500g
    Yang Jiang Beans (GL) 500g
    € 3,45
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